Theatres/Music in La Candelaria, Bogotá, Colombia


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Some of the many theatrical functions around La Candelaria

A wall covered with some of the many theatrical functions around La Candelaria

La Candelaria is the center of theatre in Bogotá. Walk up almost any street and you’ll pass by some of the many small, charming theatres, most of them operated by residents of the neighborhood and students from the many nearby universities. Admission is usually only a few thousand pesos. If you don’t understand enough Spanish to appreciate the dialogue, the theatres are also worth visiting for their architecture and colorful, artsy decoration. Just within blocks of Bogotá Bike Tours, there a half-a-dozen theatres!

Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño

The Foundation's Patio

The Foundation's Patio

This theatre on Tenth Street, just below Third Avenue has many free events, in its beautiful, historic building! The foundation also has a fine restaurant and often houses art exhibitions.

Take in a Free Concert at the Media Torta Amphitheatre

Cyclists look down on the Media Torta

Cyclists look down on the Media Torta

A wonderful outdoor amphitheater located on the Circunvular Ave., high above Bogotá. Lots of free concerts here, most of them Colombian folk music, but classical and rock music as well. Easiest access is the alley between Las Torres del Jimenez and La Universidad de los Andes. For a great view of both the amphitheater and the city, you can also sit on the grassy hill above the avenue.

Fundación Centro Cultural Gabriel García Marquez

– No. 13-17 13th St. This 40-year-old theatre actually puts on many contemporary plays and musical events – but not much related to García Marquez, the Colombian Nobel-prize winning novelist. Facebook – García Márquez el Original E-mail: Tel:910-4488 Teatro Libre de Bogotá No. 2-44 13th St. Tel: 281-3516

Teatro la Candelaria

Teatro la Candelaria

Teatro la Candelaria – 2-59 12th St.

Teatro Corporacion la Candelaria – 2-65 12th St. Tel: 342-9621

Teatro Corp La Candelaria

Teatro Corp La Candelaria

Salsa Music and Dancing

Goce Pagano, on the Eje Ambiental, is very popular. Across the street from the police station. Quiebra Canto – 5th Ave and 16th Street. Crossover salsa Candelario – 13th St. between 3rd and 4th Ave. Crossover salsa



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