La Candelaria, Bogotá, Restaurants

Many of these restaurants are just a few blocks from Bogotá Bike Tours!

Restaurants near the Plaza del Chorro de Quevedo:

El Gato Gris Carrera 1A No.13-12 Tel:342-1716 Cel:320-254-9988 Cafe color cafe / cafe-Bar Carrera.2No. 13-06 Tel:284-7312 open every day Merlin/Restaurant-cafe-Gallery Carrera 2No.12-84 Tel:284-9707 Open 11:00am-2:00pm Balon de verde Live Music, especially jazz Thursday-Saturday and bosa nova on Sundays. Cover usually free. Carrera 1A No.13-20 Cel:316-876-3771 open Thursday-Sunday Rosita/Restaurant- coffee/cocktails, desserts/Colombian and international food; live music Tel:283-6737/cel:311-533-2700 Open Monday-Friday 3:00pm-5:00pm Specialized Restaurants:

Vegetarian food

Sesamo/Restaurant and naturist shop Av Jimenez No.4-64 Tel:286-8812 Loto Azul/Buffets-also, yoga and alternative videos. Carrera 5ªA No.14-00 Tel:334-2346/286-3954 open every day

Ethnic Food

French El Bici-CafeFrench crepes and sandwiches made by a French Chef (Also English-French-German book sale and exchange and bicycle tours and rentals 13-86 3rd Ave. Phone: 341-1027 Patisserie Francais – 1-95 9th St. Tel: 284-1065 Mobile: 300-304-1144 Bar, restaurant, bakery – One of La Candelaria’s many French businesses. La Casa de citas/Peruvian Food /events-live music The name of this classic La Candelaria local is a polite term for ‘house of prostitution.’ La Casa doesn’t offer those sorts of attractions, but it does have great music and a great atmosphere in an old, colonial building. Carrera 3 No.13-35 Tel:286-6944/282-6368 L’JaimIsraeli Cafe/Restaurant Also serves vegetarian food. Closed Saturdays. Carrera 3ª No.14-79 Tel:281-8635 Website:http:/ Enchiladas – Mexican Food – 2-12 10th Street Tel: 286-0312 Fax: 286-0080 E-mail: Moros y Cristianos – Cuban Food Open every day but holiday Mondays – live music on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (Don’t forget to sign the wall on your way out!) 3-11 9th St. Tel: 243-9071 or 283.5258 Café de la PeñaFrench Pastry No. 9-66 3rd Ave. Tel: 336-7488 Mon-Sat. 8 a.m.- 8 p.m. Sundays/holidays 9 a.m.-6 p.m. San Alejo/ Cocktails and International Food Av.Jimenez No.3-73 Tel:334-6171/271-9045 E-mail: sanalejocaferestaurante (AT)


Sahara Pastelaria/Comida Arabe – Cakes, desserts; Good food at economical prices. 4th Ave. No. 17-23 Tel: 609-2223

Shawarma Khalifa No. 4-47 Ave. Jimenez Tel: 283-5838 Cel: 311-474-2310

Mi Viejo – Argentinian Food – 5-41 11th St. Homesick for Argentina? Want to visit without leaving La Candelaria? Mi Viejo has tango music, Argentine movie and futbol stars on the walls, banners of the nation’s famous futbol teams. Reservations 566-6128 Tel: 341-0971 E-mail: miviejoprimi (@)


Crepes and Waffles No. 4-55 Ave. Jimenez

La Candelaria Cafe, Restaurant, Bakery No. 12-16 5th Ave. Tel: 281-4329

Rocha’s Factory – 1-60 12th St. Tel: 562-4119 – A student place, lots of sandwiches, omeletes and crepes. A few doors down from the Ciudad Invisible Hostel.

Mora Mora – 15-98 3rd Ave. Tel: 400-8466 or 286-5306 – (Meters from Sue, Platypus, La Candelaria and Villa Candelaria hostels) Smoothies, fresh juices, coffee, sandwiches, breakfasts

Colombian Food

Casa Vieja – 3-63 Ave. Jimenez This fun lunch place serves traditional Colombian food. Open 12 noon to 4 p.m. On Sundays, musicians play Colombian music during lunch. There are several Casa Viejas throughout Bogotá. Tel: 310-5243 and 334-8908 Open every day 12 – 4

Antigua Santa Fe – Traditional Bogotá recipes – 6-20 11th St. (a block from Plaza Bolivar) Tel: 566-6948 – Popular

Mama’s Supe – Traditional Bogotá sweets – 6-14 11th St. (a block from Plaza Bolivar) Popular Colombian foods such as ajiaco, tamales and aguapanela in a warm atmosphere.

Makana – 3-86 Tenth St. Like pork? How about cuy? You’ll find both served in this small restaurant which serves traditional food from Colombia’s Nariño Department. The name refers to a type of wood in the Quechua language, which is spoken by indigenous peoples in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia and parts of Colombia. (Cuy, by the way, are guinea pigs.) Open Mon-Sat. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tel: 334-0328

Many of these restaurants are just a few blocks from Bogotá Bike Tours!


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