Some of Bogotá, Colombia’s Many Parks

Visit These Parks with Bogotá Bike Tours!

Parque de la Independencia

Parque de la Independencia Bogota According to the stories, at the site of this small and pretty park located on Seventh Ave. and Calle 26, revolutionary leaders met to conspire against imperial Spain. Today, Bogotá’s Planetarium, (Tel: 342 3171) which contains free exhibitions, is beside the park.

Parque Nacional/National Park

Parque Nacional

This sprawling park located along Seventh Avenue at 37th Street has a pro-size futbol field, although for use only by organized teams, a roller hockey pitch, children’s play areas and a restaurant. It’s also often the site of concerts and during the Sunday/Holiday Ciclovia, they stage big aerobics courses here.

Parque Simón Bolívar

Parque Simon Bolivar Bogota Colombia

This huge park (larger than New York’s Central Park) is actually five parks merged together – all of them beautiful. There’s a sports park, El Parque de los Novios (Lovers’ Park), a lake where you can rent paddle boats and huge green areas. The park is often used for concerts and other cultural events. During holidays, the park fills with kite flyers, day campers, kids playing football….


Plaza de Toros de Santamaria

Plaza Toros

Whether you’re a fan of La Corrida de Toros or (rightly) condemn this cruel ‘sport,’ Bogotá’s Plaza de Toros Santa Maria is a beautiful building. Located right off of 7th Ave., just past Calle 26. On our bike tours, we often enter the plaza – but not to see fights.


ciclovia Group Bogotá ColombiaThe world-famous Sunday Ciclovia is a wonderful Bogotá tradition. From 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. major avenues are closed to cars and thousands of Bogotanos turn out on bikes, skates, jogging, walking, wheelchairs – all sorts of healthy non-polluting, non-motorized transport. The Ciclovia has been imitated in the U.S., where it’s sometimes called ‘Sunday Streets’ or ‘Summer Streets,’ but the original is still the greatest! You can be part of it too, by renting a bike or going on a tour with Bogotá Bike Tours!


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