Hotels in La Candelaria, Bogotá, Colombia

Hotels in and near La Candelaria, Bogotá, Colombia

Hotels in La Candelaria

Hotel Aragon – This inexpensive, quiet hotel is right down the street from Bogota Bike Tours. Carrera 3 No. 14-13 Tel: 342-5239 or 234-8325 Fax: 342-6387

Abadia Colonial – This colonial was beautifully renovated by its Italian owner to create this small  luxury hotel on 11th St. at 2nd Ave.

Hotel de la Opera – This 5-star hotel on 10th Street is the class of the neighborhood, located just a block from Plaza Bolivar. Hotel de la Avenida Jimenez – This economical hotel is set back from the Ave. Jimenez, located conveniently near the Museo de Oro, Transmilenio and 7th Ave. Hotel Dann Colonial –

Hotel Sebastian – 3-97 Ave. Jimenez 337-5031 or 480-2401 An economical hotel right on the Eje Ambiental, near the Gold Museum and on the route to Monserrate.

Hotel Quinta Bolivar

Hotels Near La Candelaria

Hotel El Virrey

Hotel Bacata

Hotel de la Savanah

Hotel del Parque Superior

Hotel Tequendama

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